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Studio Policies

Lesson Etiquette


Students are expected to arrive on time for lessons. If a student arrives late, they will not be given extra lesson time past their time slot. Young students are expected to sit still and listen attentively during their lesson. Parents/caregivers of elementary aged students MUST sit in on their child's lessons, and I strongly encourage parents/caregivers of middle school-aged students to do the same. It is extremely important for parents to be aware of what is being taught and how their child is progressing. The student only sees me once a week for 30-60 minutes, but the parent/caregiver is with the child 24/7 at home. Having the full support of the parent is essential. 



The more a student practices, the more progress the student will make. I encourage all students to practice at home 5 days a week at minimum. Elementary age students do not innately know how to practice and must be guided at home by the parents/caregivers. This is why I require parents/caregivers of young and beginner students to sit in on their child’s lesson. However, I also strongly encourage parents/caregivers of older students to observe their child’s lesson and to listen to their child practice at home to make sure that the student is practicing what is required. All students benefit greatly from parent/caregiver supervision and instruction. Students that are left to practice and attend lessons without parent/caregiver observation do not make nearly as much progress as those who have parental/caregiver support. I write an exact outline of what to practice in each student’s notebook and I expect each student to use it as their guide.



Students are expected to purchase their own materials and bring them to the lesson each week. I will tell the parent/caregiver what books to purchase. Included in this is either a composition book or wire-bound notebook that students MUST bring to their lesson every week so that I can write down their assignments. ***Students must bring the SAME notebook to their lesson every week, not a different notebook each week. Otherwise I will not be able to track their progress or refer back to previous assignments.***

Missed Lessons


If a student has an upcoming event during their lesson time, they may reschedule that lesson by contacting another student and switching lesson times. I provide my studio with a copy of the weekly lesson schedule and contact info for the entire studio. If the student cannot find another student to switch lessons with, then they simply lose their time slot unless I am able to make other arrangements (however, it is not guaranteed that I will able to). I do not give refunds for missed lessons. If there is a last minute emergency, I may choose to give a makeup lesson at my discretion. If I agree to give a makeup lesson, it must be scheduled within the next 60 days. If I do not receive notice for a missed lesson, there will be no opportunity for a makeup. Also note that due to the nature of my profession as a freelance pianist, I may occasionally have to reschedule lessons in order to perform. I do my best to avoid this as much as possible, but sometimes it is unavoidable.



A successful lesson year necessarily relies on good communication between the teacher and parent/caregiver. I primarily communicate important information regarding policies and event dates and details via email. This is so that I can keep a record of what I have told my studio and so that I have the time and space to include all the important details. I often do not communicate these things in person during the lesson because it takes up VALUABLE lesson time which should be focused on teaching the student. Because of this, I need parents/caregivers to supply me with an email address that they regularly check and to make sure that they carefully read and keep the emails I send to them. I also communicate *some* information, such as rescheduling lesson times via texting. Again, this is so that each party has a written record of what is said in case details are left out or misremembered. Although I may give brief verbal reminders, I do not rely on verbal communication in person or over the phone for these reasons.

Recitals & Other Events


Students are strongly encouraged to participate in the two studio recitals that are held each year, one in December and one in May. As of this year, I will be charging a $15 recital fee per student OR–for families with multiple siblings taking lessons, $25 total for all siblings–(due with that month’s lesson payment) to help offset the costs of programs, goodie bags, and now also after-recital receptions. Other events offered throughout the year include various MTAB events such as the Autumn Harvest Musicale, Ensemble Festival, Classical Competition, Keyboard & Theory Exams, as well as the National Guild Auditions, of which I am the chairperson for the Bowie-Glenn Dale Guild Center.

Lesson Payments


Lessons payments are due on a monthly basis on the first lesson of each month. There will be a $10 late fee for payments received after the 15th of the month. If I have still not received a lesson payment beyond the month that it is due, lessons will be halted until I receive the payment and there will be an additional $20 charge. Tuition is calculated for the entire year and split into even monthly payments. Students are guaranteed to receive 34 lessons during the schoolyear, which (new as of this year) is from September to May. Holidays have already been accounted for and include: Thanksgiving week (beginning Tuesday), the last two weeks of December and first week of January, the Thursday before Easter to the Wednesday after Easter, and Memorial Day. ***I will still be teaching on President’s Day and Columbus Day.*** Monthly payments are as follows:


$170 for 30 minute lessons

$225 for 45 minute lessons

$300 for 60 minute lessons

Summer Lessons


Summer lessons are offered to all students but are not required. However, students who opt out of summer lessons may lose their normal lesson time slot once the normal lesson schedule resumes in the fall. New as of this year, summer lessons now begin in June and run through August and are scheduled according to both the student's and teacher's needs. I *strongly* recommend students still in their first year of lessons to continue through the summer in order to solidify all of the new knowledge. Summer lessons are charged per lesson (not part of the yearly tuition schedule) at:


$45 for 30 minute lesson

$60 for 45 minute lesson

$80 for 60 minute lesson

Discontinuing Lessons


If a student wishes to stop taking lessons, they must give me notice of at least 20 days in advance.  For instance, if I am notified during the first week of September that a student wishes to discontinue lessons, they must still submit the September tuition and continue to have lessons throughout September and can stop after the last lesson in September. However, if they don't notify me until after September 10, they must submit both September and October tuition and continue lessons throughout those months. Twenty days' notice is the minimum amount of notice I must receive. This gives me time to plan for the impact in income, as well as time to replace the student that is leaving.

2023-2024 Calendar

Sept. 5

Lessons begin

Oct. 28

MTAB Autumn Harvest Musicale: students from local studios are invited to perform a piece on a series of concerts from the morning to afternoon. Students are encouraged to dress up in costume and will receive candy and certificates afterwards.

Nov. 21-26


Dec. 9

MTAB Ensemble Festival: students from local studios are invited to perform an ensemble piece. Other instrumental combinations besides piano ensembles are accepted and encouraged. Students will receive candy and certificates afterwards.


Dec. 16 at 1 PM

Sarah Young Piano Studio Christmas Recital with reception following. Students are encouraged to perform multiple pieces and will receive goodie bags after the recital.

Dec. 17-Jan. 7

Winter Break

March 2

MTAB Classical Competition: students entering this competition must program one piece from the Classical period and a contrasting piece from any other period of music. Students will be grouped according to age. First, second, and third place winners will receive a cash prize, and all participants will receive a certificate and written comments from the judge. First place winners from each group are also invited to play at the next MTAB meeting.

March 28-April 3

Easter Break


May 27, Memorial Day


May 31

End of regular lessons, optional summer lessons begin

May 30-June 1

Guild: students participating in Guild prepare a program of 2-20 pieces in a private hearing for a judge appointed by the National Guild of Piano Teachers and receive a score card and constructive criticism. This provides a good longterm goal for students who choose not to participate in competitions but still desire feedback.


Spring Recital Date TBD

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